An 87-Year-Old man Hasn't Washed for 65 Years And Eats Roadkill


An 87-year-old man has baffled researchers, who have confirmed he is in good health despite not having bathed for more than 65 years and eating roadkill.Amou Jaji gave up washing 67 years ago, after becoming convinced that it would bring him bad luck and eventually kill him.

What’s more, his diet now consists of raw roadkill, such as porcupine, and drinking water from puddles.

Due to his unusual lifestyle choices, Jaji has found it difficult to make friends or find a girlfriend.

His popular past-time of smoking a pipe filled with animal manure only further isolated him.

Despite his turn towards a solitary lifestyle, Jaji was amazed to find out villagers built him a shack to live in, as they were impressed with the dedication to his lifestyle.

Before then, he had been living in a hole in the ground.

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